Atomic Wallet Tokens and no place to go

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Users of Atomic Wallet for their crypto will be familiar with the AWC tokens. Half of the available AWC tokens are on Ethereum (ERC20) and half are on Binance (BEP2).

BEP2 based AWC tokens can be staked in the wallet for a 17-23% return but a little googling will tell you that they are difficult to get out of Atomic Wallet, i.e. cash in.

Here are steps that worked for me:

1. Assuming you have Atomic Wallet and AWC tokens (BEP2 – the yellow/orange icon) tokens which is why you are here

2. Install a wallet with Binance DEX integration, I suggest Trust Wallet

3. Send the AWC tokens from Atomic Wallet (you will have to unstake the tokens first) to Trust Wallet (note the USD value of the AWC tokens)

4. Open Trust Wallet and verify you received the AWC tokens

5. Once received, click the DEX button in Trust Wallet and click Exchange

6. Find AWC/BNB pair and exchange your AWC for BNB – check the amount of BNB against the exchange to ensure you are not losing too much in the exchange

7. Wait for the arrival of your BNB tokens. Side note – BNB tokens can be staked in Trust Wallet for 18%

Once the tokens are in BNB you can exchange them, send them back to Atomic, cash them out on Binance, stake them or whatever your heart desires.

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