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Well, I am definitely not the first person to blog about their first impressions of the eeepc, probably not even the thousandth. But my question is does the Eee PC have a place in the arsenal of tools teachers will use in classrooms. I say that because I have no doubt that this machine will make its way into the class, particularly after this Christmas. My question is should it be recommended and purchased for use in the classroom by me? My answer right now is No. It\‘s tough buying an Alphasmart or Neo for $300 when you can buy a micro laptop for the same price that can run XP and Linux. Having said that, anyone who has attempted typing on the Eee PC will recognize immediately that it is not appropriate for Special Education use. The small screen is difficult to read and would be tough on young eyes. I have successfully installed Wine on the Xandros Linux partition and have run a few programs like Kidworks and Speedway..they look great but again very small. Anyway, it has been long enough since I have been in the classroom that I will definitely need a second opinion. I plan on posting my eeepc experience here and will give (hopefully) very specific instructions to configure the Linux partition with Wine and some Windows software titles. First off, I need to make a backup of the default install. It is on DVD but what a pain it is to get an external DVD drive and hook it up everytime I break the thing. So, there are instructions on using a Windows XP computer with DVD drive to copy the contents of the DVD to a USB Key which I plan on checking out tomorrow.

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