My totally legal "cut the cord" solution

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What you will need:

OTA Antenna – I like the RCA Multidrectional Indoor Antenna, it is available at Canadian Tire (Product #045-2815-4) for $90. It mounts in the window and is fairly inobtrusive. It also has an amplifier which helped bring in an additional channel for me.

Tablo Tuner and PVR – This can be ordered direct from Tablo at or online at various retailers like Best Buy and New Egg. I picked the two tuner model because I don’t watch that much TV.

Tablo Subscription – I opted for the lifetime subscription for $179.99, after 3 years you break even when compared to the yearly subscription.

Set top box of your choice – We purchase our movies from iTunes so Apple TV was the choice for us. It has to be a new Apple TV (the one with the black remote). I tried a Roku box and it was excellent but the movie rentals and purchases on my Apple ID brought me back to Apple TV. Check the Tablo site for other options, some TV’s have Tablo capability already.

I also subscribe to Netflix, Crave TV and FonGo (~$25/month) and changed my internet provider to one that had an unlimited plan ($45).

So, my monthly fees are down to $70/month from $180/month for cable (including internet and home phone). I spent about $600 on everything, including a new Apple TV. At that rate I will break even in under six months.

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